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The Importance of Social Media Coaching

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today… When we think about coaching, we often play the

80’s John Fogerty song, Centerfield, in our heads and think of hours spent at sports practice and academic teams.

Good coaches help young athletes reach athletic and academic potential, avoid injury, and strategize to defeat opponents on and off the field.

But great coaches, they get creative. Creativity is the defining difference between good coaches and great coaches. Good coaches can follow programs. But it’s great ones that invent and reinvent winning programs. Great coaches create new directions, tap into hidden potential, and float new ideas which in turn change their sport or academic landscape.

Get Personal and Creative

At Flourish Marketing Solutions, we recognize that helping businesses achieve their ultimate potential is not a one size fits all plan. Individual coaching creates a high degree of satisfaction and is superior in helping people attain their goals. While results from some studies show that independently performing without being supported by a coach is not sufficient for high goal attainment.

Each and every business we support receives individualized coaching based on their needs.

  • YOU ask the questions.

  • YOU help decide what training or help with on your social channels you need.

  • YOU drive the decision on where to begin.

And we get creative!

No two business coaching sessions look the same. The result is a clear and concise action plan that is personalized and streamlined to fit you and your unique business’ needs.

Save Time

As an entrepreneur your work is multi-faceted as you cultivate and grow your business. Your business is what you do. Social media is a marketing tool that is both vital and instrumental in your business’ future success.

Using social media to build and grow your brand and community takes time, knowledge, and experience of the current and changing social media marketing landscape. Social media marketing is what we do. This is where Flourish Marketing Solution’s one on one personalized coaching can help.

Leverage the Latest Technology

Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook are just a few of the social media channels to level up

marketing your business on. Through coaching, we can help you decide what your ultimate goal is and whether activities such as increasing engagement, growing your target audience, and increasing web traffic are working by looking at your metrics.

We are trained and updated daily on all social media platforms because that is how fast technology changes! We know the latest features and what is coming soon. Our knowledge and experience in the technology and marketing fields helps us identify which platforms best fit your needs and which channels do not.

Quality over Quantity

Sharing content is absolutely the intention of social media the more is not always better on social media. With billions of potential clients engaging on these platforms, you may be tempted to post a high volume of content. However, algorithms write the rules, and each platform has its own algorithms, and those algorithms are constantly changing. For example, hash tag overkill on Instagram confuses their system and looks like spam. Creating thoughtful hashtags that best represent your business and product is one are we coach on in order to build a loyal client base, your brand recognition, exposure to new markets, and of course increase sale conversion. Less is more in social media.

Get Ready to Play

Like an athlete trying a new sport, social media may have you overwhelmed and apprehensive. You need that experiences inspirational coach who can think outside of the box and get creative.

At Flourish Marketing, we take the time to know and understand your needs. Visit our coaching page at Flourish Marketing Solutions to learn more and schedule time with us.

Together we can bring your A game to social media!

Losch, S., Traut-Mattausch, E., Mühlberger, M. D., & Jonas, E. (2016). Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Coaching, Self-Coaching, and Group Training: How Leadership Makes the Difference. Frontiers in psychology, 7, 629.

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