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I moved to this beautiful upper valley over 10 years ago, but was never able to work here.  I had a job that always made me travel and though I loved my job and the industry I was in; I wanted to find a way that would bring me home more with my family, including my little Yorkshire, Rocco.  

The fact that I had my own business vision of educating others to be successful in their own social media is an amazing feeling of accomplishment to actually have created it.  I love that now I get to actually work locally and meet other local business owners from places I shop or eat at!  

I’m not just an Entrepreneur; I also have a small cow farm in W. Hartford, VT.  I love to be outside, whether it’s working in my flower gardens…yes even weeding!  Or finding me doing farm work or just hanging out in the pasture with my miniature donkeys.  But listen, sometimes you may find me doing farm chores in heels (not the expensive ones of course).  Because I am a nerd and a farmer who loves being fashionable.  I also enjoy time with my two boys and great berner! 

I’ve been working since I was 13 years-old and growing up in the Upper Valley; I know some of these business’s that have been around since I started working…or longer and have the true respect of their longevity.  Though I went to college in Boston; I came back for my husband because he started his own construction business that has been successfully operating for more than 25 years.  So as I built my skills over the years in sales, customer service, computer and technology, project management, marketing, and so on.  I thought it was time for me to start my own journey instead of building everyone else’s and so here I am with Flourish and creating it with my amazing friend and business partner, Lisa.


I cannot wait to meet you and hear your business's journey! 


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