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2021 Holiday Marketing for Small Businesses

Are you gearing up for what’s anticipated to be the most wonderful holiday retail season on record?

Forecasts for the 2021 holiday season are rolling in and the outlook is amazing! October 11th through December 24th is known as the “75 Days of Christmas,” when consumers do the most of their holiday shopping.

According to predictive data from Bain, Deloitte, and Mastercard, holiday sales this year are expected to grow at least 7%, the second highest growth rate in 20 years! Retail analysts are betting on a holiday season splurge as shoppers have spent more on products in the last several months.

Consumer demand is up, and wallets are opening up for the products they want making this time period optimal for small businesses to grow and sell. Now is the time to get organized and position your small business to stay in the black through the new year.

You can capitalize on this growth opportunity by using the following marketing strategies this holiday season.

What’s Trending?

Social media marketing is a necessity in today’s small business climate and paramount during the holidays! From posting holiday wish graphics to starting a holiday themed hashtag to hosting a live unboxing, how you promote your unique products and who your intended or target audience is matters.

Online shopping isn’t only on websites anymore as more consumers are discovering and purchasing on social media. Leveraging social media is a potent tool for your business this holiday season.

Plan Ahead!

Determining the events you want to focus on is your first step in creating a social media marketing strategy. Some dates such as Black Friday and Christmas are obvious. However, consider other days such as Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday which could be very profitable for your small business sales.

Flourish Marketing Solution’s Monthly Marketing Planners give you the ability to have a thriving presence on social media. This allows your brand to stand out and attract your ideal clients. Our Social Media Content Calendars are a solution for you to easily plan, create, & implement your holiday content quickly. The Monthly Marketing Planner will save you hours of time and stress and make sure you will never miss a marketing opportunity this holiday season!

The Most Wonderful time of the Year!

From party goers out and about to holiday bakers hanging around at home, most people are high in the holiday spirit. Capitalize on that happy, happy, joy, joy by furthering the festive feelings. Make sure you reflect the holiday spirit on your social media platforms. Emotion driven holiday campaigns can be a powerful sales technique during this season.

It is also a perfect time to check in with your most loyal customers. As the threat of COVID-19 appears to be lessening thanks to increased vaccination rates, consumer behaviors are being driven less by holiday fears, and more by the way consumers prefer to shop. Retail analysts predict that both in person and online shopping will be stronger this year. By sharing some festive cheer with customers, you can make your marketing feel more personal, which builds the trust that is essential to securing loyal brand fans.

Focusing on marketing this holiday season will not only boost your sales at the end of the year but will also help you generate leads and build brand loyalty for 2021 and beyond.

Check out Flourish's Online Academy to help your business ring in the new year on top.



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