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4 Reasons why Online Learning is Advantageous for your Small Business

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

- Aristotle

It’s been 15 months since words like COVID-19, pandemic, lockdown, and masks became part of our everyday vernacular.

While battling the COVID-19 epidemic, entire industries were forced to innovate and adapt.

Changes in how we communicate happened- hello Zoom, Google Meets, and Teams!

And, social media seemed to become even more accessible and relevant as we tried to stay in touch with our families, friends, and as small business owners, our clients.

We’ve lived a lot over the last year and learned a lot too. The ripple effect of social platform savvy, especially from younger demographics, will change businesses and their practices in the future.

We’ve seen that the social media landscape can no longer be ignored. At Flourish Marketing Solutions, we’ve reflected on the evolution of advertising, marketing, and utilizing of social media algorithms in order to meet your needs as a solopreneur.

This past year, we’ve also studied the opportunities that online learning has to offer and worked those possibilities into our Flourish Academy.

Knowing, understanding, and efficiently utilizing social media can be the difference between success and failure as a small business.


Here are 4 major reasons why online learning

through our Flourish Academy is

advantageous for you and your small business!

#1 Flexible & Self Paced Learning:

For many learners, the primary benefit of online learning involves scheduling flexibility.

Our videos and tutorials are available anytime allowing you to fit your social media training in a time that is convenient for you. Novice or social savvy- we got you!

Our courses can be viewed as many times as you need, while worksheets and advanced tips and tricks keep your learning advancing with a deeper dive into content and marketing.

#2 No Geographic Boundaries:

Our training and materials can be accessed anywhere and explored at your pace.

But also, our courses can expand your geographic boundaries since social media allows you to access a larger and broader audience.

Our tools can help you market and grow your business across towns, states, and even countries.

#3 Improved Virtual Communication & Collaboration:

Social media is an ever changing landscape. For example, the growth in TikTok downloads was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic as many people spent time indoors with their smartphones.

We keep track of these changes and update our courses monthly with the latest features of social media platforms. This helps to ensure that your engagement and presence online is relevant and optimal.

Following and interpreting the statistics of how users visit and interact with your business on social media will help you make decisions about your small business.

#4 New Technical Skills:

At our Flourish Academy, we don’t tell you what to do, we teach you how to do it- step by step.

Our lively videos walk you through training, giving time for you to try it on your own with your social media accounts. Each of our sections have a 'how to' video that shows you exactly how to access or utilize a feature from your mobile phone.


At Flourish Marketing Solutions, we can work with you and provide business tools to give your small business the opportunity to;

  • Grow by gaining clients

  • Increase sales and traffic

  • Create a trusted and recognizable brand without having to spend a lot of time on social media!

Contact us today for a free consultation Zoom chat.

We want to see your small business do what our name says- FLOURISH!

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