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How do you Spice up your Content Marketing with Social Media Holidays?

So what’s the deal with this ‘National Donut Day’ and “National Dog Day’ and

so on..? There is literally something for everyday and it may seem odd, but

the social media world loves these daily holidays.

So take advantage and spice up your content marketing with special


Some of these holidays might seem silly for your brand and we don’t suggest

doing them every day but have fun and be creative. Bottom line is, you could

be missing valuable opportunities to take advantage of trending topics with fun

and relevant "holiday" content on social media for your brand and reaching

new followers and therefore new customers.

From food to animals and everything in between, there is a lot of observance

days worldwide during which marketers can share content relevant to their

industries or simply generate more awareness. But the graphic is important...

something fun, catchy, different so that your audience may share your post.

Guess what? social media algorithms love the ‘sharing’ type of engagement is crucial to

your social media success. Posts that don’t get immediate engagement are not shown

to your followers. So being creative and having fun with positive posts can help boost

your engagement within your brand community.

For example, if you are a restaurant and it’s national garlic day you can have fun by

making sure you highlight all of your delicious meals that include garlic. You can also use these days to run different promotions. If you are a bakery and it’s national donut

day you can have a special buying opportunity for all of your customers.

So how do you Begin?

To help you plan for trending holidays, we created a Monthly Planner tool.

You may purchase individually or save by signing up for our monthly


What does our Monthly Planner and Calendar tool contain?

  • Calendar (Filled in for every day with an idea)

  • Calendar (Blank - so you can fill it in)

  • Monthly Themes 

  • Monthly Questionnaire (Topics to focus on)

  • Daily Planner Pages (Essentially your own monthly journal) 

  • 50 Social Content Ideas (Versatile for each month)

  • 10 Social Media Marketing Tips

The image below represents one of our calendars. There is always one or multiple holidays for each day with their corresponding #hashtag (for Instagram purposes).

To learn more and to purchase our Monthly Social Media planner; go here:

This tool is your monthly marketing planning for your business!

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