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Organize & Create your Marketing Strategy using a Single Tool

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

As a small business owner, you juggle many responsibilities. Maintaining a strong social media presence can feel like one of the more overwhelming parts of it all. But for your social media efforts to be worth their time, you absolutely need to employ a strategy. Here we’ll dive deeper into how to make one.

Where to begin?

1. Schedule your Time

The first thing you want to be intentional about is scheduling your day and blocking time specifically for your social projects. Planning out the hours of each day is incredibly beneficial for knocking tasks off quickly and staying on track.

A little hack here is to complete the actual scheduling the night before (or even one week or month ahead!), this way you are ready to tackle your day bright and early! Completing your social media tasks first thing in the morning gets them out of your way. This also give you the ability to check on your engagement periodically throughout the day, rather than playing catch up the next day. This should all be planned and scheduled, not reactive. Planning ahead will eliminate that looming feeling and help you to get on a regular routine.

👉Sharing daily and consistently will increase your engagement, which is the ultimate goal.

2. Create a Plan

The next thing to recognize is that by creating a plan for your social media, you will be less distracted by your own social media!

Scheduling your posts ahead of time and having a time block to stick to will keep you on task with the rest of your workday. Once you have a scheduling plan in place, you can start delegating the work. Delegating is one of the biggest advantages to scheduling your posts ahead of time.

👉Having a system in place makes this task much easier to hand off to someone (or something!) besides yourself. While most small business owners handle the social media management themselves, the goal might be to grow big enough to be able to employ someone else to do that for you. The more organized your system is, the easier that transition will be someday.

What is the Tool?

One tool that will make all of this immensely easier is Flourish’s Monthly Marketing

Planner. Our Marketing Planner is a solution for you to easily plan, create and implement 30 days at a time of social media content.

👉This ‘batching’ system will save you hours of researching content and stress by never missing out on an important holiday or marketing opportunity!

Using Flourish’s Monthly Marketing Planner will give you the ability to have a thriving presence on social media and allow your brand to stand out while attracting your ideal client.

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