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How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Business Marketing Strategy

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Instagram Reels is here, and you are probably feeling the pressure to create something.

The question is, what do you create?

First, what are Instagram Reels?

Reels are 15-second video clips edited with text and music. It is Instagram’s answer to direct competitor TikTok. You can watch your Reels channel on the Explore tab which is where you have the chance to go viral, and on users feeds in the dedicated Reels tab. You can also share them to your stories for even more reach.

You are probably asking yourself; how do I get traffic and sales?

Educational Content

Education is the #1 performing content on social media because we all love to learn something new. Whether it is a new life hack, how to do something easier and better, we stop our scroll to learn. Educate on your products and services without making it about your products and services. Show your expertise in your niche and become the trusted expert. Guess what? People purchase from the trusted expert!!


Beauty Pro: Quick, easy tips to style your hair at home video. You will feature the products that they need to use, but the video does not feel it is about products, but rather about how to quickly style your hair.

MLM Marketer: Do not lead with the products, lead with your expertise in your niche.

Small Local Business in any Niche: Who is your ideal customer and what can you teach them? How can you be perceived as the “expert” in your community?

Product Reviews/Case Studies

Your educational content will showcase your expertise around your product or service—your product reviews/case studies will show your happy customers.

· If you are selling a physical or digital product, then you will post product reviews

· If you are selling a service, then you will post case studies

Instagram Reels is going to give you the opportunity to get creative around how you show your reviews and case studies. You can use the effects, music, and countdown timer features to create native-looking reviews and case studies that entertain your followers.

For product reviews, you can use user-generated content as your product review (you can upload videos and photos as a Reel and take your own).

For your case studies, you can grab a past case study published to your blog or used in your sales process, take the headers from each section, and use those as text on your own video where you explain how you got those results. This text helps visual learners understand what you are talking about while you discuss the details verbally.

Ready for more Content Ideas?

If you are wanting more actionable tips like these, you're in luck!

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