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How to Create an Interactive Quiz

Updated: Oct 15, 2019


Most people like taking interactive quizzes. You can tell because Facebook is usually covered with all sorts of results people post about what type of personality they are and so on… then you find yourself sometimes curious and you take it too…oh come on... at least once!

So why not utilize this fun interactive tool in your business on social media platforms? It’s another form of audience engagement. You want to create a fun but informational way on the knowledge and experience you have in your industry. There will be times when someone isn’t confident and won’t know their results, then there will be others that will be just the opposite. It’ won’t really matter to you as the quiz designer and implementer because either result still becomes a lead.

An Interactive Quiz Lead gives you more knowledge about your prospect.

How do you mean?

An interactive quiz guides the individual through a series of questions and though your guiding them to see what level they are at, in which anyone can lie…we know this. But when you reach out to this new lead you know how to approach them and what to offer them in a way in which you should have a better probability in creating a new customer.

But I’ll be honest, we just started this concept and utilizing this tool called INTERACT. I don’t have any doubt that overtime as we use this type of lead generation and we become experienced with this tool that this will help guide us to very effective leads. So – keep reading and learn how EASY it is to build a personality quiz!


We’ve had a lot of requests for branding packages for our business. When we brought this package afloat, we were ignorant on the amount of time it can take for a new or redesigned logo and the client’s social media graphic content. There is also the conflict that some people just don’t know what they want or can’t make up their mind because they like multiple types of themes, colors, and graphics.

So for our first quiz creation we decided to go with a personality quiz type, which we thought would be the best approach for what we wanted in results and in general it’s overall popularity.

The title of our first quiz, “Is your Brand Speaking from its True Personality? This was actually one of Interact’s template quiz’s, we reviewed the questions and thought that they’d work well with our audience. We had 2 goals with this quiz, the first goal was to utilize this tool in-house and capture more about our client’s brand personality and therefore help guide us in graphic branding ideas. The second goal for this quiz was to utilize this to prospecting clients/audience and use for market research.

Starting out with a template closest to what we wanted to use was the best approach to understand how the functions worked. However, you can build quizzes from scratch and I believe we’ll end up doing many of these, utilizing the provided templates was a quicker way of learning the tool for us.

I wanted to show you below a screenshot of the tools platform. It’s not complicated, pretty straightforward in creating a new quiz to editing and managing current quiz creations;

So here is the FUN part. What we LOVE about INTERACT and why it is unique from basic quiz tools on social media platforms is that you BRAND it to look like it’s coming from you. We could utilize the same quiz, just change the logo, colors, fonts, and images to look like it’s coming from any type of business. As marketers we love this ability in a tool!

Alright the fun doesn’t stop there, the ability to change a question or add a question is simple as well. As you can see below, as you make changes you can see them. So if you’re a visual person it will helps guide you honestly if your questions are too long! I mean sometimes you need to see how long it is not just read how long it is 😊


We kept the titles of the 3 personality results from the original template that Interact developed. The tiles were budding, blossoming, and blooming and because it goes with Flourish’s motto and brand aesthetic, we appropriately kept it for this quiz.

What was our ‘Call to Action’? We lead our audience to a ‘learn more’ button, which then directed them to our blog about, ‘How to Create a Cohesive Aesthetic’. This was a soft call to action because within the blog we have our Branding Package. We’re still not sure if this was the best approach or if we should have just sent them directly to the Branding Package itself.

We use Mail Chimp as our email marketing system, which Interact can easily sync up with. When you are first setting up a quiz you have this option (after syncing up your email marketing system) each time you begin/edit a quiz to opt in in syncing up Mail Chimp. It will guide you through this process step by step, very simple!

We segmented the result and any lead captures as a ‘quiz taker’ in Mail Chimp so that we know where this lead comes from and additionally it will document whether that individual got ‘budding, blossoming, or blooming so we know what level of service they would need. At any time you can test your connection with Mail Chimp as you can see below;

We placed the quiz on our Home Page of our website for about 5 days. Most organic searching will bring our audience here and therefore we thought it was the most optimal place.

We ran the quiz for 12 days we did spend a little Facebook Advertising in boosting for about 5 days out of the 12. We had not made a push/announcement on our Instagram Channel where majority of our audience is – and therefore we might have had better results.

Though we didn’t do much promotion we still had good results. We received 2 new leads and honestly, we’re excited to utilize and promote this type of tool more – BECAUSE their insights tracking is wonderful.

We did see a few people skip (because we gave this option) as you can see below you really get a comprehensive view of how many results and where based on the answers you created.

Very simple insight tool, because I can’t stand the ones where you have to spend time just trying to figure out your results! Not here – you understand them pretty clearly.

The last piece of results is that you can view the data for every question you created and see who answered what question as majority. You also see interesting results, like if people started the quiz and then dropped out. This gives guidance on maybe the question is too long or just not the right kind of question and your audience lost interest.

Lastly, the best piece is the simplicity in publishing and promoting the quiz. As you can see below you have a few options that are given to you each time you publish a quiz to be able and yet not limited to just one place.


We truly believe that our quiz is quick enough, yet interesting we just needed to do a better job of promoting it. I think it was important to brand it to our look, so we did that correctly. Honestly, being that this was our first time using this amazing quiz tool I think we learned a few new lessons; marketing the quiz better on all social media channels.

Technically nothing was really challenging on creating an Interactive quiz. I think it was more challenging deciding what type of quiz to start with and then how to design the answers. But because we ended up choosing something that we are knowledgeable and confident in; I would advise for anyone in any industry to stay on that realm and not go out of your comfort zone when creating your first interactive quiz.

To learn more about how to create and use these quizzes go here; How to Make an Interactive Quiz

Stay tuned for a future blog on continued success with Interactive Quizzes!

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