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How Important is Video Marketing?

I’ll be honest…I didn’t think video marketing was a necessity as a small business owner. I thought it was for the individuals who wanted show off more or for the big box companies that had the budget to create fancy video ads.

What I’ve learned, is that video marketing is very important for all types of businesses. 85% of all internet traffic in 2019 will be video which means you need video content today.

TOP 5 Reasons you should use Video Marketing for your Business?

1. Videos BOOST conversion sales

2. Videos have a great ROI

3. Videos build TRUST

4. Videos APPEAL to mobile users

5. Videos encourage SHARING

Boosting Sales

2018 was the year of video marketing going viral, why? Because they made some good money for businesses of all sizes. If you have a product video on your landing page, it can boost conversion up to 80%. Ex-plainer videos about a product are very popular, studies have found that about 74% of users who watched this type of video purchased the product soon after.

Return on Investment

Marketers and business owners love seeing the ROI data. Fortunately, Instagram and Facebook have excellent reporting tools to track what’s working or not and you will be able to see how good videos do. Again about 83% of businesses say they have good return on investment when having marketing videos. This doesn’t mean you have to hire a video production company to achieve this. There are economical ways on creating these videos. The best news is that your video doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s about your content that matters. Make sure you clearly describe your product or service and users will still love it.

Building Trust

Trust with your clients and prospects are the foundation of conversions. Videos engage the user and ignites some type of emotion; because let’s be honest people buy based on a positive emotion or connection they have with your product or service. So, you really can take advantage of the benefits of videos to build that trust. Now you still don’t want to create videos that ‘tells people what to do’, but to inform them the benefits and the need of it!

Appeal to the Mobile Users

Who isn’t a mobile user? There are well over 200 million mobile users in the U.S. alone. If you have a business website, you know already that it needs to be designed for a mobile user and not just for the desktop. About 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phone. When we watch videos on our phones and because we’re holding it and seeing it on a small device, we have a better sense of personal connection then if we saw it on a bigger screen. So again, making that personal connection through a video mean majority of consumers are more likely to watch on their phone, so make your videos mobile friendly!

Videos are Shared

Instagram and Facebook are seeing the benefits of videos, that’s why they have been creating components to make videos easier on your profile like doing Live videos, or in a story, in campaigns, and so on. The most important thing to remember is that if a video is ‘entertaining’ enough no matter the time than a user is most likely to share that branded video to others. Social sharing increases traffic to your social media channels and website, which then in turn can create new conversions.

Video Creation Tool I love! is a very user-friendly platform. They have plenty of stock images and videos that you can use if you run out of your own images or ideas. I love that they provide a daily calendar with hashtag ideas as well. More importantly I can create some fun and interactive videos without having to be on camera!

For $8 per month you have an ultimate video marketing creation platform for your business. Because we love you so much, click here for a 10% savings.

Take a peak at what can be created:

Where do you start?

I hope by now you’ve got a sense of the importance of video marketing for your business. So where do you go from here? If you are a doer…Awesome - Go get started on those videos! But if you feel overwhelmed or unsure about where to begin, Flourish is here to help, so feel free to email us at;


Learn more about Flourish's Video Marketing Package. Want a more specific video package for your business needs? Contact us!

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