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A Social Investment is more than just Selling

It is more than just Selling a Product or a Service….

So you decide to invest in your business and take the time to invest more in your social media marketing. Then you don't get results right's a month, two months and you see slow results, or nothing at all.

-> Are you doing it right?

-> Are you saying the write stuff? Do you have the right image?


We could go on forever asking you these questions...but what if it is done right? You just aren't seeing the type of ROI you expected. But what did you expect and how do you know you aren't getting ROI?

Do you have systems in place that connect your Social Media Channels with your website? Do you have a system in place with new clients making appointments about asking how they hear about you?

We hear this often with small business owners who are reluctant in investing in their digital marketing... and We Get It, because it can be scary.

That's why it's important to set realistic goals for your marketing so that you have the right expectation, but don't forget about all the other pieces. Because you cannot effectively measure your ROI if you only have half the pieces of the puzzle...right?

We live in this instant gratification world, yet even social media strategy takes time. Again, we know it’s hard in this type of world...especially when you hear so many amazing stories of success, like those small guys making six figures or even millions in what seems like overnight, right?

Isn’t it annoying? Yeah it bothers us too…

And of course those glorious stories can happen, but it’s totally rare and mostly these people, these companies have been investing and busting their butts just like the rest of us for months even years for it to finally happen.

Here is what we’ve learned and experienced in investing in Social Channels. Everyone (that’s YOU) has a valuable message or product that they believe in, therefore keep putting out there. Even if you receive ‘cricket’s, you have zero engagement, you have little ‘likes’, your follower count increases about a pace of a snail…That’s ok!!


They will come, as long as you are consistently posting with your brand story and you tell that aspiring story behind it, that community will build. The product and/or service will sell, the appointments will happen, whatever you are looking for it will come.

And here is the other thing, even on the social community it’s ‘hear say’. Because sometimes your posts will be shared, then there is an impact. When your post is ‘liked’ (on Facebook), it show’s up on that persons feed and their friends see it. You may not get the immediate follow, but slowly and surely your brand community is building. There is also the ‘old fashioned’ networking, ‘word of mouth’, we still voice our opinions and give others options from what we see, whether we even used that product or service, so there’s a little bit of that going around as well.

So how can you begin? Well it really depends on the type of business and needs. But if you are a business who’s operated a Facebook and Instagram channel for awhile and don’t like seeing the results you want or think you should have; a Social Media Audit is the best place to start.

This type of service is usually a series of steps to evaluate your channels and then in return give you a comprehensive report of results that plainly let you know what you are doing right or what you need to fix. With Flourish’s Audit Service, we additionally give you tools in hand to move forward with to actively make those improvements. We also have an in person review with you as to what we found and give you even more strategies to move forward with.

So that’s it! Really not painful at all. It won’t break the bank. And your Business is Worth the Investment!


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