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🌟 We use Emojis every day, so why not celebrate them?

Welcome to 📅 World Emoji Day!

So Why July 17th?

July 17 is famously displayed on the 📅 Calendar Emoji, which is why it was chosen as the date for World Emoji Day.

💡 the calendar emoji date is the reason this July 17 was chosen, but the day is much bigger than just one emoji. World Emoji Day is a celebration of all emojis.

What is an emoji?

Emoji, a 🈴 Japanese expression, roughly means “picture word” and was created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1990.

The release of the first 📱iPhone by Apple in 2007 had an emoji keyboard embedded into the phone to nab the Japanese market. While not intended for U.S. users to find, they did and quickly figured out how to use it.

Every year new emojis are developed. The keeps track of all the emoji updates across all platforms and operating systems. Over 1800 emojis cover much more than just emotions. From transportation, food, an assortment of wild and domesticated animals to social platforms, weather, and bodily functions, emojis virtually speak for themselves.

Why use Emoji’s? 😎

They get the Reader's Attention.

Besides being eye-catching, emojis give emphasis to an important message and inject spirit into your communications. This can enhance your brand image.

They add a Personal Approach.

If you are too formal and stiff, you might keep away potential customers. Your clients are human beings with feelings. Expressing your emotions as a business appeals to your client's human side and potentially attracts more customers. Emojis also help to build on existing relationships.

Emojis Saves Space & Time.

It can be tough to get the right message conveyed with limited text, and this is when emoji’s come to the rescue. They also come in handy to break up long captions and create excitement around headlines.

Here is a great example of using emoji’s in your caption from my coach @theinstagramexpert

Now it is time to celebrate!! 🎉


Join the official Facebook Event Here:

Sing the Anthem

Ok this could be fun! You can your upload your own version singing along with your team to your social channels. Being silly and having a good time humanizes your brand and helps people fall in love with your company.

Click the 🔗 Link to Check out the Official 🎼 Song:

Light 💡 up Your Social Channels with your Favorite Emoji’s

Simply share your most used emoji’s and ask your audience to share their faves!

We want in on all the FUN too and are 😍 excited to 🎁gift you this special offer!

Today 📅 Flourish 🌺 is 🥳celebrating in a 💯big way.

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