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Create an Eye Catching Instagram BIO!

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Did you know that 82% of consumers do one thing before they purchase from a small business for the first time?

So, what is that one thing🤷‍♀️?

They interact with the business via social media.

If you haven't mastered your social media marketing strategy, now is the time. A great place to start is with your bio.

When it comes to Instagram, impressions are made in two-tenths of a second and as Will Rogers said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Do you have a killer bio that converts visitors into followers into paying customers? Your bio is the elevator pitch for your entire account. You have 150 characters to communicate who you are, what you do and why people should trust and follow you. Here are the key components of your bio and how to use them:

Username aka Handle:

This is your profile address that lives at the top of your page. This is a great place to use your name or the name of your business. If your username is something else, how will potential customers find you? Think about somebody referring your business and this person searches for you on Insta and they can’t find you? They will pass your business over for another!

Name: Headline Keyword

Both the username and name are searchable! I like to think of these two places as almost like a google search bar. Somewhere must have your name or name of your business, and the rest should be words that people would use to search for your type of business. Don’t forget to include your location too!!

Add a keyword that describes who you are. Adding a niche, job title, or interest to your headline helps your users get to know you and understand what you do.

Body Section

The body section is the bulk of your bio and should contain the majority of your description.

Keep it clean and organized with a bullet point format, while clearly describing who you are.

Include a condensed version of your mission statement or company slogan to let people know what you’re all about. You’re limited to 150 characters, so be short & precise.

You can also add anything that gives your page some personality - like your location or a branded hashtag. (Don’t forget to throw in some emoji’s)

Call to action with URL

Most importantly, include a call-to-action statement that entices your followers to click on the URL provided.

This is the only section you have to place a link on Instagram, so use it wisely.

See Flourish's BIO as an example


Is an Audit right for you?

If you need guidance on designing the perfect bio and fully optimizing your Instagram page, Flourish Marketing Solutions can give you a full audit. We will dive deep into your page and share an actionable checklist with you to create the page of your dreams. From a killer bio, custom story highlights, hashtag strategy and so much more.

For a limited time, we are offering 50% off on our Auditing Services so your business can start 2019 off with being on top of your online presence.

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