Monthly Marketing Planners (Nov-Dec 2020)

Watch the short VIDEO above to understand what you will be receiving in this package.  


The video describes what each monthly marketing planner contains and in this package you will receive NOVEMBER thru DECEMBER of 2020!

Monthly Marketing Planners (Nov-Dec 2020)

    • PDF Fillable & Printable 
  • Title Page: Guide to what’s included in your monthly marketing planner

    Questionnaire: Guide for monthly planning to utilize as your starting point

    Monthly at a glance:  Themes & Monthly trends

    Daily Ideas Calendar: Each day has a prompt for an idea, highlight the ones that you want to utilize for the month.

    National Days:  National Observances including fun and traditional holidays, check off what pertains to your business

    Weekly/Monthly Observances:  Check off all that apply to your business

    International Days:  Check off all that apply to your business

    Blank Calendar: Copy and paste ideas from the daily calendar

    Calendar Planner Pages:  Fill in your daily ideas and be super prepared for the month!

    Bonus: 50 Social Content Ideas to light that creative spark!