What is a #Hashtag?

A word/phrase preceded by a pound sign (#) and it's used to label and categorize content by topic.


Why use #Hashtags?

Your chances of attracting new followers, getting more likes, comments, and increasing engagement are vastly increased using hashtags.  Hashtags are mainly appropriate for the social media channels; Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest.   


What is this Planner About:

We developed an easy planner that tells you the importance of hashtags, the types of hashtags, best practices to use hashtags, how to create category sets, and how to research.  The last 2 pages of the planner allows you to create a topic, keyword and the associated hashtags.  What's great is that you can create this for your library and/or make changes, whatever works for you.  

How to Develop a Hashtag Strategy

  • File Format:

    PDF Fillable & Printable 


    • Why Hashtags are important
    • Types of Hashtags
    • Best Practices for Hashtags
    • Creating your own hashtag specific to your industry
    • Hashtag Planner worksheet