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Is TikTok Right for Your Business?

You are probably thinking, “Why should I get on TikTok, the app for teenagers?” Well, I am here to debunk some big myths about the current #1 Most Downloaded App and share why you should consider using this platform.

Myth #1 Only teens use TikTok

That is a hard NO! Over 250 Million TikTok users are over the age of 30!

Myth #2 You must dance to make cool videos!

NOPE! There are tons of viral videos of brands showcasing their businesses in fun, creative ways without dancing. Check out the Washington Post's page !

Myth #3 It’s so hard to use

It does not have to be.

I am completely self-taught and yes there are a lot of features to get to know, but I am sharing my TikTok for Beginners and Beyond Class with you for a HUGE discount! You can check it out at the end!

Why TikTok May be Right for Your Business?

TikTok has completely taken over the social scene and the average viewer spends a whopping 51 minutes on the app. I have opened the app ready to do a little research, and the next thing I know it is two hours later. It is addicting for sure, but in a good way! I have discovered many new brands and businesses on the app that I may have overlooked before.

The average video gets quadruple the eyeballs of Facebook and Instagram, and you do not have to worry about a super buttoned up aesthetic. TikTok is the place for FUN, and to showcase your biz in a creative, playful way while still delivering the content your audience craves.

You do not have to stress about follower count either, because we have seen videos go viral on accounts with less than 100 people.

With TikTok you can reach a completely new audience with low-cost videos that still look great for your brand, and there is a niche for EVERYONE.

If you are ready to try something new and fresh, TikTok could be just what you have been looking for!

Click here to Learn More about TikTok for Beginners and Beyond. There are ten easy to follow modules that you can take at your own pace. We have also included screen recordings so you can follow along with me. This class is frequently updated with the latest features and the best part is you are a member after your purchase!

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