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I don't like being on you?

I don’t like being on video …and not for the reason you may think. 🤷‍


I don’t like being on video because I’m that type of person who ‘ramble talks’ and I say ‘um’ a lot…. I get excited about what I’m talking about and then go off on a tangent and totally forget the point I’m trying to make. Are you that type at all?

Sometimes I’m vain…. more about my hair and how it looks, so if I’m not having a good hair day; I don’t want any picture! Can you relate?

But I’ve learned a lot from this past year from my fellow business partner; Lisa who is very comfortable and awesome being on camera and doesn’t sound like a babbling chicken. She even has this ‘go live brush’ brush that makes her hair look great.

If you follow flourish marketing solutions, you see her often on our social feeds and she always makes sense. But guess what? She’s been doing it for years and like anyone will tell you even the Influencer professionals, they all started off with horrible videos.

What am I saying??? 🔈The message or the meat of the content on video is all that matters.

At the end of the day we are still humans with emotions, and we need that connection. Even though we’re on social media more. But that is why we go towards and are following the people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…whoever presents the more ‘realist’ view in life.

Whether you like it or not, social media is going video all the way.

🔈...I said video, video, more videos!

I cannot say it enough and it does not matter what you are selling, you need to be on video!

➡And it doesn’t matter whether you have the fancy equipment or not (just use your smart phone).

➡And it doesn’t matter how good you look or not.

Because we all want AUTHENTICITY, the consumer wants to see the authentic truth in you, in your product, in your service, about your team, about your company, it all!

There are many platforms that you can use your videos on and I think some of us are intimated by starting a YouTube Channel 📺. I totally get that!

But putting videos in our Facebook and Instagram feeds are perfect, it works. There is actually a great way to start a video series for your business by creating and developing your own IGTV Channel on Instagram or as a standalone. It has just started to gain strong popularity at the end of 4th quarter in 2019 and we think it’s here to stay and will become competitive against YouTube.

Here is some stats….by 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic. And the younger generation/audience is spending more time viewing amateur content then professional content – hence that goes back to my point where you do not need to be or look perfect on your videos!

🎥Make it raw and real, don’t worry if it doesn’t look professional.

If you are someone who wants to try it out but doesn’t know where or how to begin, then checkout our IGTV Online Course. We also have a freebie planner that is a simple guide for Video Planning in case you like to be organized and plan things out.

So you’ll see me more on our Flourish feed, because I get that the more I do it, the more confident and comfortable I will get. And that goes for all of us. But also, I’m a different flavor; I have different things that I can offer so I can serve a new or part of our audience that could benefit. This is what you should be thinking about and taking advantage of producing your own videos on your social media feeds.


So turn on that camera and take ACTION!

Author: Serena Best

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